Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The last 2 weeks

So I realize that I haven't posted in a very very long time, so here I am writing a summary of my last two weeks in Argentina. Since a lot has happened I'm going to cheat here and copy Christy's idea of writing the date and what happened on each significant day...thanks Christy! =D

End of week 2
So at the end of week two I started feeling much better so I went back to class, in total I only missed 2 days so that was all right. I had to follow a diet that the doctor prescibed, which is basically the usual hospital diet = rice, crackers, water, tea etc.

Week 3
This was birthday week, a total of 4 birthdays in only two days. The first three were on the ninth: Mark, Nate, and my host dad Marcelo, and mine was on the tenth. The ninth was also the Argentinian independence day so we didn't have class. In the end I stayed at home that day and we had an asado with my extended Argentinian family, there were Marcelo's mom and sister and Christy's family. The weather was quite nice so we ate inside but got to spend time outside trying to skateboard, my rather inexistent sense of balance prevented me from taking part in this activity so I took pictures instead. The meat was really good, and this time I did not try the blood sausage, and the dessert was even better: Dulce de Leche mousse with chestnuts. Oh and they had this sort of firework to put on top of the cake that was really cool =D jajaja
Then on thursday we had even more cake at San Andres and made one more wish.
That's something I noticed about Argentina, they eat so many desserts!!! Mery and Clara made at least 2 cakes a week! How do they manage to be so skinny?!?!?!
In the afternoon we went on a tour of the french-inspired buildigns in Buenos Aires, including the Brasilian embassy, the buildings close to the Vatican embassy, and a few hotels. Overall it was really interesting, though sometimes a bit hard to understand (mainly when she was explaining all the family feuds around that beautiful building next to the really modern (can I say ugly?) one, and the church behind them).

One more thing, cumpleanos is actually abbreviated to cumple, so they say "feliz cumple!"

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