Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting mugged

So as I rewrite what happened to me in the past few weeks I rely quite a bit on the pictures I took, however, the pictures end at the asado because on the following Wednesday I got mugged and they stole my camera. Essentially Tiffany, Ben, Michelle and I were walking from Plaza de Mayo to La boca, that neighborhood with the very colorful houses, which is actually a very poor neighborhood. They had warned us that it was dangerous, Pablo told us to not be too obvious (i.e. taking pictures) which we were, what they hadn't told us was that it was that dangerous. Apparently just about every Argentinian knows that if you go to La Boca (outside of the one touristy street) and you're not from that neighborhood you're going to get mugged. So we were wakling through one of the streets when one (or maybe two guys) kidn of hugged me from the side and made me fall to the ground, then they started yelling to leave my purse and I fought them for a while (it could have been just a few seconds but it seemed an eternity) then I thought to myself that maybe they had weapons (my family had been telling me all sorts of stories from when they had been robbed at gunpoint) so I let it go and they ran away. Apparently there was another guy chasing away Ben, Michelle, and Tiffany with a knife. I got up immediately and started screaming for help and a policeman started running after them and was able to follow them until they entered a building. So we stayed in front of the building for a while but I honestly couldn't remember what the thieves looked like, I had noticed them before but it was more of a general glance than a careful look. Then they took us to a police station and had us give our testimony. So I lost my Italian ID card (hopefully I'll be able to get a new one when I go back to Milan this Christmas), my camera, my purse, keys, license, a bit of money I had etc.

It was the first time that it ever happened to me so it was quite scary. Dopo non e' avevo paura di andare in giro da sola pero` ero decisamente piu' malfidente.

The only funny part of the whole incident was this policemen who apperently was quite impressed with our looks and started asking Ben whether we had novios, our phone numbers etc. and in the end Ben answered "no, they're all mine" jajajaja =D

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