Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 1

So today I arrived in Argentina, after approx. 24 hours of travel and I met my Argentinian family. They're really nice! They have two daughters, a son, and a very old dog. And my room is really nice, with internet access and a beautiful wood ceiling with beams. My Italian/Argentinian cell phone is still not entirely working, I can call others and I can receive local calls but don't try to call me from the US because it won't work. My calling card also doesn't work, which using my boyfriend's terminology, kinda sucks...haha. Fortunately I can use facebook/messenger/skype to keep in touch with people.
This morning I struggled with a door, and eventually lost. Essentially I was home alone and this lady came by to deliver some vegetables but I couldn't get the door to open, even though the keys were right next to it. The main reason was that the hole for the key was much larger than the key itself so I thought that it couldn't possibly be the right one. I suppose a crosscultural analysis of keys is rather dull as a subject, but I will write about it anyways because I don't want to go to bed at 8PM. From my experience, American keys tend to be small and simple, the kind of keys that Italians would almost use for "secret" diaries (which by the way almost always use the same key, they're probably all made in China anyways) and maybe for mailboxes. Italian keys are either long and quite complicated or short and very complicated (in terms of holes and cuts and stuff). Argentinian keys (at least the oens for my house) look even smaller and more simple than the American ones...strange.
Then I went to Christy's house, met her family, and the cute little puppies (awww!) and then we all went down to the center of the town where I would have taken pictures if I hadn't forgotten my camera at home.
So yeah, I think I'll go to bed soon because I'm tired.
Tomorrow: trip to the center of Buenos Aires (yay!)

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